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A Non-Invasive procedure with NO Radiation and NO Pain!

This is such a great diagnostic tool for Men & Women.

Lori A Cestaro, A.C.C.T. C.C.T.

Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging -  D.I.T.I​

No Radiation    No Contact       No Pain!

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Dr. Carla Garcia, DOM

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Advanced Thermography of South Florida, Inc.

  • Advanced Thermography of South Florida Inc., established in 2008 has been providing services throughout the Southeast Florida Region, partnering with our Integrative Medicine Practitioners with the ability to travel offering our services worldwide..
  • Our Technicians are Certified Clinical Thermographers through A.C.C.T. (American College of Clinical Thermology) Our Meditherm cameras are the highest standard medical cameras in the industry, accurate within 1 /10th of a degree,, registered by the FDA, and proudly made here in the United States.  
  • The comprehensive interpretations are provided by Full Board Certified Physicians with certifications in Thermology and/or Radiology through EMI. Your results,  a complete interpretation with all color images, are given to you within 1-4 days of the procedure. No prescription or referral is needed.


Did you know that Breast Cancer affects both Men & Women?  

 1 in 8 Women develop Breast Cancer?

 Breast Cancer is the number 2 killer of women ?

 Mammograms cannot detect tumors for 7-9 years &

Dense Breasts​ can miss over 57% of tumors?

There may not be ANY signs or symptoms?

   Digital Infra Red Thermal Imaging  (D.I.T.I.)

No Contact   -     No Radiation    -    No Pain​​

What is thermal imaging?

Digital Infrared thermal imaging, or DITI, is a totally non-invasive, painless procedure with no radiation and no contact with the body. DITI is a clinical imaging technique that records the thermal patterns of your body. Your thermal images are used by your healthcare practitioner to help diagnose and monitor pain or pathology in any part of your body.

What is thermal imaging used for?

-To help in determining the cause of pain.

-To aid in the early detection of disease and pathology

-To evaluate sensory-nerve irritation or significant soft-tissue injury

-To define a previously diagnosed injury or condition

-To identify an abnormal area for further diagnostic testing

-To follow progress of healing and rehabilitation.

Is thermal imaging FDA registered?

Yes. D.I.T.I. was FDA registered in 1982.

Is thermal imaging covered by insurance?

Most Insurance Companies do NOT cover Thermography however; IF yours does, you can get reimbursed by providing them an invoice receipt after your scan has been completed. The United Breast Cancer Foundation does fund Thermography screenings and will pay up to $150.00 (reimbursement). This is a national campaign that does not turn anyone away. Funding is replenished 1-3 x per year. Please go to their website. You must apply online. www.ubcf.org If funding is available, there will be an short application on the website to apply online.

What parts of the body can be scanned?

Thermal images are taken of the whole body, or individual regions including breast, head, arm, leg, torso, etc. A lumbar assessment would typically include, low back, pelvis, and legs. A cervical assessment would typically include, head and neck, upper trunk, and arms.

What happens when I have a thermal scan taken?

A thermal scan takes approximately 15 — 45 minutes depending on which part of the body is being scanned. You will remove all jewelry and clothes from the part of the body being scanned (for full body scans you leave underwear on), and will be asked to wear a surgical gown. For a breast scan, you will be ask to disrobe from the waist up. While your skin is equalizing with the room temperature, you will be asked to fill-out appropriate paperwork.

What do I have to do to prepare for a thermal scan?

(Rule of thumb is to have you in a relaxed state and temperature controlled.)


-Do not have physical therapy, massage, or electromyography, acupuncture on the same day thermography is performed 24 hours must pass.

-Do not participate in vigorous exercise 4-5 hours prior to the test.

-Do not smoke for 2 hours before the test

-Do not use lotions, deodorants, powder, perfume on day of test. 

-No shaving to the areas being imaged.

-Stay out of strong sunlight on the day of test

-There are no dietary or medication restrictions on the day of your scan but no excessive hot or cold drinks prior to the test. No anti-inflammatory meds.

-No caffeine (coffee, tea, soda) 4-5 hrs before the imaging.

-Wear loose fitting clothes if possible. Hair pinned above neck.

- Do not come for a scan if you have a sunburn on your chest or the area of interest. (You would need to wait until all the sunburned area has peeled off. )

-Wait 3 months post-surgery to areas being imaged.

Who should interpret my scans and write the report?

All thermography interpretations should be reported by adequately trained and experienced Medical Doctors who hold board certification as Thermologists/Radiologists. Our service is through EMI, our interpretation company operating worldwide and read .by full board certified Doctors in good standing.

What certification should a thermographer have to perform this exam?

Thermographers should hold certification from a professional body with approved code of ethics and practice protocols that include quality control guidelines. We are certified through A.C..C.T. (Accredited College of Clinical Thermology)

----> Do you accept installments or payments?

      YES! You can apply here:


Scan Types:  Men & Women

       Breast Scan

30 minute appointment 

12 images 6-full color 

  & 6 greyscale images

Front/Side/Oblique/Back Shoulder Regions


Upper Body Scan

45 minutes  - 30 images 



Women's Health Check includes extensive medical questionnaire  (Hormones, Thyroid, Reproductive)


Full Body Scan

60 minutes 35-40 images

 Images: Hips, Pelvic, Legs, Knees, Feet



Region of Interest Scans



Includes 6-8 images as a standalone scan.                                     $ 175.00 

    Add a R.O.I. (Region of Interest) to Breast Scan                             85.00

  1.  Melanoma Skin Test - 6 images/regions                                    175.00
  2.    Add Melanoma to Breast Scan (ROI)                                       85.00


  Fee Schedule

Although we are not able to bill your insurance company, you MAY be able to get reimbursed by them after the procedure. Please check with your provider first.  You can get a detailed invoice when you receive your Thermography Report to submit to your insurance company.  Payment is due at the time of your appointment.  We accept;  Cash, Checks, Visa, Mastercard, AX, Discover.. 

Do you need financial assistance?  YES!  Free Square offers installments so you don't have to wait for your scan.     


 You can apply here:       https://squareinstallments.com/apply/atos

Breast Cancer Survivors may be eligible for a local grant.  Please contact us for assistance <3

The United Breast Cancer Foundation  which is a nationwide program also offers Grants.  Apply online:  www.ubcf.org


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American College of Thermology  A.C.C.T.



The ACCT, Inc is the preeminent thermography association created to establish and maintain accredited standards of practice. The mission of the ACCT is to support its members and medical thermologists by providing continuing education that helps them meet the high demands in this fast-growing industry while maintaining strict standards of practice. All efforts made in this capacity is to improve the understanding and the appropriate uses for thermal imaging in a clinical and medical setting and to best serve the members who utilize this technology.


Since inception in 2002, the American College of Clinical Thermology recognized the value of its members as an asset in the healthcare profession. Likewise, it was also recognized that the collaborative sharing of clinical experiences combined with the establishment of high industry standards-of-excellence would contribute to the long-term success and growth of the ACCT.

Monthly training courses and annual conferences began at Duke University in 2004 and continued at that location until 2008. ACCT headquarters was relocated to Fort Myers, Florida in 2008 and bi-annual conferences have been held in various states across the United States since 2009.

Continued growth of the ACCT has risen exponentially specifically in the United States as well as globally since restructuring of the college in 2018. In 2019, the number of ACCT clinics in the United States was estimated to approach nearly 700 clinics. Globally, there are over 150 international members encompassing twenty-seven countries worldwide.

Public demand for thermal imaging has challenged thermographers to expand current practices and uses for thermal imaging to include:

 Full-body thermography, especially in the use of functional medicine

 Podiatric clinical uses, especially in vascular perfusion defects

 Veterinary practices, specifically, equine medicine

 Cardiac and vascular surgery

 Medico-legal and personal injury litigation

Public screening during pandemic outbreaks

The ACCT works collaboratively in research and development with several universities and researchers in the design of new technology and applications that continue into the future.

Which Procedure should I get first?

D.I.T.I. - Digital InfraRed Thermal Imaging

Following the Flow Chart is easy.  

  1. Begin with your Initial Thermogram.
  2. If results are negative, repeat Thermogram in 3 months. The baseline is used to compare on an ANNUAL Basis.
  3. If results with 1st Thermogram is positive, get another procedure before returning for a Thermogram in 3 months.

      Always follow recommendations to another test.  There is no standalone test that is is 100% although Thermograms are 89% accurate.   Each procedure may detect something different. Thermography is an adjunct procedure for identifying developing pathology early on.  

     Your interpretations are not meant to be a self diagnosis, but written by Doctors for Doctors.  Please discuss with your Doctor the best course of action.  Be preventative, get scanned early!  Remember there may not be any signs or symptoms 

     If you have any questions regarding your report please contact your technician. They are here to assist you.

"Finding it Matters – A significant number of women present with palpable breast cancer even with a normal mammogram within 1 year"

Dr. Veronique Desauliners, D.C. better known as Dr. V

Dr V first began her journey with Breast Cancer after she found a lump in her left breast in 2004. She chose to take the road less traveled and explored natural treatments. She thus founded Breast Cancer Conqueror® (BreastCancerConqueror.com) and developed the 7 Essentials System® as a method to empower, support and connect women all around the globe who are facing a similar challenge with their health. Having celebrated victory over Breast Cancer twice, she has become extremely passionate about teaching women how to properly conduct a Breast Self-Exam.

The MammaCare Method® is the recognized quality-standard for physical examination of the breast, was developed with the support of the National Cancer Institute, the National Science Foundation and medical scientists worldwide. They have been advancing Breast Exam Standards and Practices since 1974. The contributions of MammaCare® scientists and colleagues have been noted in landmark reports on early detection.

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