I would like to introduce Dr Ray Tolmos of Frontier Health & Spine in Miami. I showed him my last Upper body Thermography scan and he recommended the following for me:
After consultation and some examination it was determined that comprehensive blood chemistry, comprehensive stool testing, and also serum hormonal analysis were in order. There were certain symptoms and bodily functions that led us to believe to that running these tests would show us imbalances that can contribute to decline of overall health and increase inflammation in the body which is the fundamental cause of all disease. After evaluating Carol’s test results, we developed a treatment plan that encompassed balancing the body on three planes. Physically, Chemically, and Emotionally. Physically I prescribed exercise, chiropractic adjustments to remove interference from the nervous system and allow her body to optimally adapt to the changes we are making, as well as infrared sauna to in essence “create a fever” to speed up the detox process, as well as stimulate the immune system.
Chemically, her tests showed a chronic viral immune response that was “draining” her body’s resources for creating energy, neurotransmitters (brain chemicals), and anti-oxidants. She was given different supplements to help stimulate her immune response to suppress the virus’ we found that are causing her immune system to respond. Due to the chronic immune function, her white blood cells were a little depleted and her liver was a little over worked (elevated liver enzymes) so we are also addressing this naturally with the infrared sauna and some supplementation like B vitamins and milk thistle just to name a few. Her stool test revealed some bacterial imbalances, some digestive insuffiency, and even a parasite. She was given a natural anti-parasitic, probiotics, and some digestive enzymes to help regulate her stomach function. This is another contributor to overall inflammation and immune system involvement. Decreasing this “drain” of the immune system is extremely important for longevity and long term health. Many disease like cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, and of course cardiovascular disease are associated with this inflammation.
Emotionally she was instructed to take 15 minutes each day to disconnect from everything and focus on meditating or being “creative” and using the right side of her brain instead of the left side of her brain.  

“Planting the seeds for lifelong Health”

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“The Doctor of the future will give no medicine, instead he will interest his patients in the care of the human frame.” – Thomas Edison

I am very happy with my progress thus far and would recommend Dr Tolmos to my friends and clients. He looks for the root of the problem! Do you have any unanswered medical issues?