Frequently Asked Questions about Thermography

Advanced Thermography of South Florida

What about my Doctor?

My doctor states he doesn’t know enough about thermal imaging and demands I still get a mammogram. What do I do? Tell your doctor to do some research at Thermology On Line (information, case studies). Also, there are downloadable studies at

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What is “cold stressing”?

I hear from some people that you need to "cold stress" the patient. What is "cold stressing"? Do I really need to do it?  Cold stressing is a test to measure sympathetic function. It is a useful test for a number of conditions including RSD (CRPS). Protocols for...

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Full Body Thermography

I understand you also do full body thermography, what can I expect to learn from that? Full body thermography includes a breast scan, so it is comprehensive. A full body thermogram which is suitable for both females and males, young and old, can identify pre-existing...

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Is Thermography Covered by my Medical Insurance?

Is This Procedure Covered by my Medical Insurance? Because this is FDA approved it is reimbursable by some insurance companies depending on your individual policy. Thus far Medicare is not covering this procedure. Advanced Thermography does not bill medical insurance...

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Who Interprets the Scans?

Who Interprets the Scans? Thermographic breast analysis is an extremely complex topic and should only be performed by a qualified doctor. We use Electronic Medical Imaging (EMI) who employs board certified medical doctors, who have had additional training in...

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How Much Does Breast Thermography Cost?

How Much Does Breast Thermography Cost? The thermography session starts at $175.00 depending on the state/county you are located and takes about 30 minutes. Results are reviewed by a physician trained in the use and interpretation of thermographic images, and a report...

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What do I have to do to prepare for a Thermogram?

What do I have to do to prepare for a Thermogram? There are a few guidelines for preparing for a thermal scan: No prolonged sun exposure (especially sunburn) to the areas to be imaged 5 days prior to your exam. No use of lotions, creams, powders, or makeup (for...

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I have breast implants. Can I have a Thermogram?

I have breast implants. Can I have a Thermogram? Yes. Breast implants do not interfere with thermography. Breast Thermography is painless and safe, using no radiation or compression. It can be used effectively and safely for all women including pregnant or nursing...

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Is Digital Infrared Imaging an approved procedure?

Is Digital Infrared Imaging an approved procedure? Yes, DII is approved by the FDA for use as an adjunctive breast cancer screening procedure since 1982. This was published in the Federal Register: Vol.147, No.20, pp.4419-4420, Jan.29,1982

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Other Services by Dr. Hudson

Additional Service Added Thomas Hudson, MD, a diagnostic radiologist and one of our EMI physician interpreters, is now offering a consultation service for patients who would like more clarification or detail about their thermogram results. Dr. Hudson, is also the...

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Why is a thermogram so effective?

Why is a thermogram so effective?  Prior to a tumor being formed, cells in the breast begin to create a cancer-friendly environment. Part of this process involves angiogenesis, the development of new blood vessels. These blood vessels provide a blood supply to the...

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Why should I have a Breast Thermogram?

Why should I have a Breast Thermogram? If a significant change in breast cancer mortality is to be realized, we have to rethink what screening tests truly are. Are we currently providing "screening" or "detection"? A critical look at our current breast cancer...

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How Do I Make an Appointment?

Appointments are available by calling (954) 540-7633. You may also e-mail us at


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